The New York Times. National Edition. Wednesday, September 12, 2001. Vol. CL No. 51,874. The entire issue present (four sections).

New York (printed in Georgia), September 12, 2001.

Large folio, folded horizontally. Very mild edge wear. Overall in excellent condition.

The original issue of The New York Times from September 12, 2001, the most important historical document pertaining to 9/11.

The front page of NYT 9/12 2001 is one of the most iconic of modern history, depicting and describing the horrors of the day that had gone before.

For many people, the attacks on the Twin Towers were the biggest news story of their lifetime, and almost everyone recalls exactly where they were when they heard the news of the attacks.

Almost everyone will also recall the following morning, when newspapers around the world captured the horror, shock, and terror that the attacks caused. Among all these newspapers, one stands out as the most significant and iconic, namely The New York Times.

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