Shipwreck by Lightning. Papers relative to Harris's Lightning Conductors. Appendix.

London, Woodfall and Kinder, 1852. Folio. Contemp. hcloth. Titlelabel with gilt lettering on upper boards. (4),37 pp. and 3 fine aquatint plates: H.M. Ship Surinam (being struck by lightening), H.M. Ship Thisbe (on fire by lightening), H.M. Ship Scylla (in a perilous thunder squall).

"Sir William Snow Harris was an English physician and electrical researcher, nicknamed Thunder-and-Lightning Harris, and noted for his invention of a successful system of lightning conductors for ships. It took many years of campaigning, research and successful testing before the British Royal Navy changed to Harris's conductors from their previous less effective system. One of the successful test vessels was HMS Beagle which survived lightning strikes unharmed on her famous voyage with Charles Darwin."(Wikipedia).
Ronalds, p. 230. -

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