Newe Landesbeschreibung Der zweÿ Herzogthümer Schleswig und Holstein, zusambt vielen dabeÿ gehörigen Newen Landcarten, Die auff Ihr Königl. Maÿtt zu Dennemarck Norwegen etc....Gnädigsten Befehle...bestaltem Iohanne Mejero...Chorograpice elaborirt,...

Husum, Matthias et Nicolaus Petersen, 1652.

Folio. (48x34 cm.). Bound in a fine contemp. full calf with raised bands. Covers with rectangular triple gilt borders and a large gilt centerpiece. The binding expertly restored with rebacking, edges and corners neatly repaired. Scratches on covers repaired. Edges gilt. Endpapers renewed. Engraved ornamental title-page. (8),301,(3) pp. and 40 double-page maps and plans (43x52 cm, some larger) with original HAND-COLOURING IN OUTLINE. Title with a small stamp in upper margin. Lower margin of title-page a bit frayed. Small wormholes at end, mainly marginal, but a few in image of last 2 maps. With the usual browning to text and maps.

First edition of the first full mapping of Schleswig-Holstein and the FIRST ATLAS PRINTED IN DENMARK.

The work is highly esteemed, as the mapping and surveying by the Danish cartographer Johannes Mejer showed a precision which was without competition at its time.

Mejer was educated in the tradition of Tycho Brahe and Longomontanus, and in the years 1638-48 he mapped Schleswig-Holstein and published these 37 maps in Danckwerth's description of Schleswig-Holstein. These maps were the best for nearly 150 years, and were used by Blaeu and other carthographers. The Danish King, Chr. IV, urged him to proceed with his mapping of Denmark, which he did for some years, making maps of Jutland and a general map of Denmark, in order to make a Nordic atlas, but only these 37 maps were published. Because the quality of the maps was of such a high quality compared with the surveying of the day, the Younger Blaeu used these maps, made re-engravings of them and printed the whole series in his "Atlas Maior" 1662.

Coloured copies are very scarce, the offered item is only coloured in outline. The copies (3) in the Royal Danish Library are un-coloured. - Not in Phillips - Shirley T.Danc-1a. - Bibl. Danica III:653

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