Ueber den Einfluss der Eisschmelzung auf die Oceanische Cirkulation.

Stockholm, 1899. 8vo. In contemporary boards with the original blank front wrapper pasted on to front board. Two stamps to front board and first leaf. With authors dedication to front board: "Her Amiral Wandel / hoyaktnings fell / af / forfatteren". [Sir Admiral Wandel / with high esteem / from / the author"]. Pp. 141-166.

First appearance, with dedication from the author, of Pettersson important study of the influence of ice on ocean currents. In his 1880s writings, Pettersson proved that pure ice, which moves freely in salt water, must occasionally encounter a surface current. When he resumed the investigation of ice-related problems in 1899 with the present paper, he addressed two new factors: 1) the action of ice cooling warmer water while melting, and 2) cooled water sinking owing to its higher density.

Admiral Carl F. Wandel, to whom the book was given, was a Danish naval officer and polar explorer and was largely involved in hydrographic work.
Wandel was regularly deployed as commander, including in 1884 and 1897 commander of the Danish ironclad Helgoland, in 1895 and 1896 as leader of the Ingolf Expedition to Greenland[2] and in 1898 as commander of the frigate HDMS Fyn to the Mediterranean. he Wandel Sea between Greenland and Svalbard, Cape Wandel and the Wandel Land nunatak in Greenland, were named after him.

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