Danmark-Ekspeditionen til Grønlands Nordøstkyst 1906-1908 under Ledelse af L. Mylius Erichsen. 6 Bd. (i 10 afdelinger, komplet).

Copenhagen, 1913-17. Lex8vo. Alle 10 dele i orig. bogtrykte omslag, ubeskåret og uopskåret. 474,516,39,346,286,175,320,236,436,387 pp., tekstillustrationer, 4 portrætter, 153 plancher og 1 kort.

Fist edition of the largest expedition ever undertaken to North-East Greenland. - "The year 1908 will always remain a memorable year in the history of Greenland's exploration. With the return of the Denmark Expedition and the news of the magnificent results achieved by the Expedition, the coping stone was laid on a work, which had engaged the unwearied attention of numerous explorers for centuries. The last wide stretch of unknown coast on the north-east of Greenland had been investigated and surveyed by this Expedition and the extensive coast line of Greenland was now known in the whole of its lenght." (G. Amdrup). - Meddelelser om Grønland, Bd. 41-46.

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