Sur les Microscopes catadioptriques. (Traduit de l'italien).

Paris, Crochard, 1821. No wrappers. In: "Annales de Chimie et de Physique, Par MM. Gay-Lussac et Arago.", tome 17, Cahier 4. With titlepage to tome 17. Pp. 337-414 a. 1 engraved folded plate. (Entire issue offered). Amici's paper: pp. 412-434 a. 1 folded engraved plate. Clean and fine, printed on good paper.

First French edition of Amici's famous paper "Dei microscopii catadiottrici" first published in Italian in 1818, in which he describes his invention of a new type of catadioptric microscope, the first with successfull achromatic lenses. The invention had a great impact on biology - Amici himself was able to see the streeming movements of protoplasm in the Alga Chara and in examining the hairs on the stigma of Purslane he saw a tube given off by the pollen grain, and the granular content os prerform streaming movementys like those in Chara, an importent feature in plant fertilization.

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