Homilie doctorum omniu De sanctis (presumably second (and final) part of Homilie hoc est Conciones populares sanctissimorum ecclesie doctorum Hieronymi, Ambrusij, Augustini, Gregorij, Origenis, Ioannis Chrysostomi, Bede presbyteri, Maximi episcopi, et aliorum).

(Colophon:) Basel, Johannes Froben, August 12. 1516.

Folio. Bound in a recent half vellum in old style. A very nice and clean copy with one full page woodcut as title page, consisting of one large central illustration depicting a religious gathering of bishops and other holy men, sorrounded 12 smaller illustrations (6 on each side of the large one), each depicting a saint. Rubricated initials throughout. 77, (1) ff. (144, (1) pp.).

Following saints are treated in this (part of the) work: Andreas, Agnes, Paul, Maria, Phillip, Jacob, Crucis, Johannes the baptist, Maria Magdalene, Laurentius, Bartholomeus, Mattheus, Michael the archengel, Luce. BMC (German), p. 412.

Order-nr.: 24611

DKK 12.000,00