Experiences et Observations sur les fluides considérés comme conducteurs. Traduites de l'anglais, par le cit. Hachette. (+) Suite des Experiences et Observations sur la faculté qu'out les fluides de conduire la chaleur. Traduction d l'Anglais, par le cit. Hachette. Extrait du journal de Nicolson, fevrier 1802, no. 14.

(Paris, Chez Fuchs, An Xe, 1803). In: "Annales de Chimie, ou Recueil de Mémoires concernant la Chemie" Tome 45, Cahier 2 a. Tome 46, Cahier 3. Pp. 113-212 (entire issue offered) and pp. 225-336 (entire issue offered). Dalton's papers: pp. 177-181 a. pp. 250-272.

First appearance in French of these importent papers. publication of which at once gave him European reputation. The first paper combated Rumford's view that the circulation of heat in fluids is by convection only.
Second paper is the French translation of the first of the 5 seminal papers which appeared under the general title "Experimental Essays on the constitution of mixed Gases; on the Force of steam or vapor etc..."(published 1801-3). The paper expresses the generalisation that the maximum density of a vapour in contact with its liquid remains the same whether other gases be present or not and the view that the particles of every kind of elastic fluid are elastic only with regard to those of their own kind, the LAW OF PARTIAL PRESSURES.

Smyth No 27 and No 29:1. - Parkinson "Breakthroughs" 1801 M/C.

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