On the existence of a limit to evaporization. Communicated May 26, 1826. Read June 15, 1826. (And Babbage:) On electrical and magnetic rotations. Communicated May 29, 1826. Read June 15, 1826. (2 papers).

(London, W.Nicol, 1826).

4to. No wrappers as extracted from "Philosophical Transactions" 1826 - Part III. Pp. 484-493 a. pp. 494-528 a. 1 engraved plate. The plate dampstained in upper margin, outside image. Clean and fine.

These two important papers were presented to The Royal Academy at the same date, and stitched together from the Transactions.

In his paper FARADAY observes importent relations between tension, pressure, temperature and gravitation as he proves that any kind of matter, not only air, ceases to assume the elastic form, whenever the gravitation of its particles is stronger than the elasticity of its vapour. The loss of tension necessary for effecting this object may be accomplished in two ways, either by extreme dilatation, or by cold.

The paper by BBBAGE is the second of two papers on electromagnetism, the first written together with his friend J.F.W. Herschel.

"The curious phenomena of electromagnetism were beginning to be discovered during this period, and inevitably Babbage took an interest. In the spring of 1825 Gay Lussac visited London and described Arago's experiments with rotating discs. Plates of copper and other substances set in rapid motion in a magnetic field and under a magnetized needle caused it to deviate from its direction, finally dragging it round with them. At this time Herschel was secretary of the Royal Society and had rooms in Devonshire Street. Babbage and he carried out some quite extensive experiments in Babbage's house. They tried the effect with discs of many different substances using Babbage's lathe: only metals and graphite showed the effect and they concluded that the conductivity of the disc was the importent point...however they did not solve the problem of electromagnetic induction: æater their friend Michael Faraday did."(Hyman in "Charles Babbage. Pioneer of the Computer", p.58). - Babbage's first paper on electrical and magnetic rotation is listed by Hook & Norman :35, but not the paper offered.

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