Über einen Satz der Wahrscheinlichkeitsrechnung und seine Anwendung in der Strahlentheorie (Together with L. Hopf); (Withbound:) Statistische Untersuchungen der Bewegung eines Resnators in einem Strahlungsfeld; (Withbound:) Theorie der Opaleszenz von hogenen Flüssigkeitsgemischen in der Nähe des kritischen Zustandes;

Leipzig, J.A. Barth, 1910.

Contemp. hcalf. Spine gilt, a fs scratches to spine. VIII,1584 pp. and 6 plates. Einstein papers: pp. 1096: pp. 1105-1115; pp. 1275-1298. Fine and clean. The whole volume offered.

All three papers first edition. The purpose of "A theorem in probability and its application in the Theory of radiation" is to demonstrate that the failure of statistical mechanics with respect to the radiation law (Rayleigh - Jeans law, contradicted by experience) cannot be removed by the conjecture that perhaps the individual statistical events should not follow the usual law of independence (product of probabilities) instead of assuming a certain interdependence between them. (Lanczos). The second paper "Statistical investigation on of the motion of an oscillator in a radiation field", makes use of the results of the previous investigation. Einstein's aim is to demonstrate that the Rayleigh-jeans law of radiation (contracdicted by the physical facts) is an unavoidable consequence of statistics, even if we avoid any kind of assumption which may be suspected of needing correction. (Lanczos). The third paper "Theory of the opalescence of homogenous fluids and fluid mixtures near the critical state" is an importent investigation and one of the most difficult of all his papers to understand. The aim of the paper is to complement the work of Smoluchovski (Ann. d. Physik,25, 1908) who gave a general explanation of the strong density fluctuations - and the opalescence thus generated - of two fluids near the critical state of mixture (or a single fluid near the critical state of condensation) on the basis of the kinetic theory of heat. he did notgive, however,the quantitative details concerning the scattered light associated with this phenomenon. (Lanczos). - Weil Nos 34, 35 and 36 (with an asterix denoting major work).

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