Neu-Erfundener Mathematischer Curiositäten Erster- Zweyter Theil.- Erster Theil, Worinnen vermittels drey sonderbahrer Instrumenten, Durch wunderbare Würckung Der Natur und Kunst I. Die Schwäre und Leichte, II. Die Truckene und Feuchte, III. Das Ab= und Zunehmen der Hitz und Kälte Der Lufft zu erkennen seynd. - Zweyter Theil, Worinnen vermittels sonderbahrer Würckung der Natur und Kunst, die Krafft und Eigenschafft Des Magnets Entdecket wird.

Mayntz (Mainz), Ludwig Bourgeat, 1701. 8vo. Contemp. full calf. Raised bands gilt back. Back somewhat worn with cracks to leather at hinges. Small part of leather at covers gone. Corners bumped. (1. Theil:) Engraved frontispiece (dated 1694 Tractatus de Barometris Thermometris et Notiometris vel Higrometris). 80 pp. and 35 engraved plates. - (2. Theil:) Engraved frontispiece (dated 1697 Magne Tologia Curiosa). 77,(3) pp. and 33 engraved plates. Some light browning throughout (rather poor paperquality), first frontisp. and title a little frayed, first title partly mounted, a tear to last plate (no loss), one leaf loosing part of margin (no loss of letters)

Scarce second German edition of D'Alencé's two main works issued here under this joint title. It is translations of 1. "Traittez des Barometres, Thermometrés etc." from 1688 and "Traitté de l'aiman..." from 1687. The plates depict the different instruments and experiments in baroque interieurs and pictorial landscapes. The plates are copied from Schoonebeck's plate to the first edition.
The work on Barometers, thermometers etc. "(is) the earliest account dealing exclusively with the subject, and especially valuable as the first work laying rules for graduation of the thermometer."(Sotheran No. 929, note) - "His detailed description of the principal meteorological instruments of the period is enriched with several new ideas, such as the calibration of the thermometric scale on the basis of two points of change of state: the point at which water freezes and - a much more contestable point - that at which butter melts." (DSB).
The work on the magnet deals with all aspect of its effects and its uses, in compasses and navigation etc.( invention of the compass, magnetic mountains in America, declination, orientation of compass-needles in magnetic fields), and it sums up all the knowledge then known on the subject. The plates depicts magnetic experiments in pictorial landscapes. - Wellcome II:28 (not listing this joint edition). - Unknown to Poggendorff. - Weaver, Wheeler Gift: 200 (the first edition).

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