(3 Works). 1. Enchiridion Logicum ex Aristotle, et Opt. Eius Interpretum monumentis ita concinnatum ut contineat Præcepta... Controversia... Praxin... 2. Janitores Logici Bini, hoc est Excertationes duæ ad Organum Aristotelis viam & januam asperientes: I. De Natura Logicæ. II. De Qvinque Universalib. Quibus omnes de hac materia Quæstiones numero 500 appremé utiles mir â brevitate enucleantur.. Editio tertia... emendatior. - 3. Astrologia seu De Stellarum Naturâ, affectionibus, & effectionibus, Excertatio Qua diffilcultates præcipuæ de Stellarum Definitione, causis, Ordine, Divisione.... Editio Quint a Correctior mendosâ tertia & melior.

Argentorati (Strassburg), Conradus Scher, 1608 - (Strassburg), Raab, 1612. - (Strassburg, Raab, 1612 Small 8vo. 3 works bound in one contemp. full vellum. Covers blindtooled in panels with floral cornerpieces. Old handwritten title on spine. Light wear. An: 1. (24),449,(7) pp. First edition. (Thesaurus II,338) - 2. (208) pp. - 3. (24),261,(16 of 24 ?) pp. Lacking the last leaves in the Index. 7 leaves with lower corners torn of which 2 have some loss of letters. Light browning an yellowing to leaves.

"Bartholin’s fame is due not to his originality, but to his learning and reputation as a teacher; as a strict Aristotelian he clarified the essential points in the doctrines of his time, eliminating obsolete and superfluous theories. As a theologian his personal life was marked by piety and Lutheran orthodoxy. His anatomical manual Institutiones, well arranged and handy but without illustrations, was reprinted five times. It became still more famous when his son Thomas brought out an enlarged and illustrated edition."(DSB).

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