Description of Fossil Remains of Thwo Species of a Megalanian Genus (Meiolania) from "Lord Howe's Island," received March 15, - Read April 1, 1886.

(London, Harrison and Sons, 1888). 4to. No wrappers as extracted from "Philosophical Transactions" 1886 - Vol. 177 - Part II. Pp. 471-480 a. 4 lithographed plates. Clean and fine.

First appearance of a classical paper in which Owen describes the two new finds of dinosaurs from Lord Howe's Island, New South Wales. They belongs to the Megalania, a word coined by Owen himself.
Megalania (Great roamer) is a giant extinct goanna or monitor lizard.It was part of a megafaunal assemblage that inhibited Southern Australia during the Pleistocene, and appears to have disappeared around 40.ooo years ago. The first aboriginal settlers of Australia may have encountered living Megalania.

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