On Megaladapis madagascariensis, an Extinct Gigantic Lemuroid from Madagascar; with Remarks on the Associated Fauna, and of its Geological Age. Received June 14, - Read June 15, 1893.

(London, Harrison and Sons, 1894). 4to. No wrappers as extracted from "Philosophical Transactions", 1894, Vol. 185 - Part I. Pp 15-38 a. 3 lithographed plates. Clean and fine.

First printing of this importent paper, relating the discovery of a new family Megaladapidae with the genus and species of the extinct giant lemur of Madagascar. Major collected the bones on his expedition to Madagascar in the years 1894-96.

"Its tree-grasping attributes probably made Megaladapis vulnerable to changes to the forests of Madagascar. Upon human arrival between 1,500 and 2,000 years ago, the forests of Madagascar were cleared to make farmland. Unable to adapt to these new environmental changes imposed by man and being a tempting target for hunters, Megaladapis became extinct approximately 500 years ago, around the time of European discovery of Madagascar."

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