On some New Reptiles from the Elgin Sandstones. Received November 28, - Read December 15, 1892. (+) Reptiles from the Elgin Sandstone. - Desription of Two New Genera. Received November 2, - Read december 7, 1893. (2 memoirs).

(London, Harrison and Sons, 1894). 4to. No wrappers as extracted from "Philosophical Transactions", Vol. 184 - Series B+ Vol. 185 - Part I, Series B. Pp. 431-503 and 16 plates + pp.573-607 and 4 plates. Both papers fine and clean.

First printing of 2 of Newton's most importent monographs, describing the reptilian remains from the Permotriassic rocks at Elgin, Scotland. In these two researche "Newton lacked the actual bones to work with; he had only their cavities in sandstone, from which, after great labor, he obtainesd and fitted together caasts of gutta-percha. He discovered Diconydonts and pareiasaurs for the first time in Europe showing how closely they resembled the descriptions of those found in Karroo Formation of South Africa."(DSB).

In 1893 Newton was elected a fellow of the Royal Society. He was president of the Paleontological Society from 1921 to 1928 and president of the Geologist's Association 1896-1898.

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