The Chemical Regulation of the Secretory process. (Croonian Lecture).

London, Harrison and Sons, 1904. 8vo. Later full buckram. Spine with gilt lettering. In: "Proceedings of the Royal Society", Vol. 73. VIII,548 pp. a. 11 plates. (Entire volume offered). Bayliss & Starling's paper: pp. 310-322. A stamp to edges, otherwise clean.

First printing of this paper in which they developed the theory of hormonal control of the internal secretion, a milestone discovery by Bayliss and Starling in 1902, which introduced a quite new field in physiology and medicine, the discovery of the FIRST HORMONE, which the they named "Secretin". They here tries to find out how this new body could be decribed chemically, and one of the conclusions were "It is not precipitated by tannic acid, thus excluding bodies of alkaloid nature as well as di-amido compounds. This evidence, slight thought it is, points to secretin being a body of relatively small molecular weight and not a colloid. It may be compared to the active principle of the suprarenal glands, adrenalin, which has been obtained in a crystallic form and the cemical constitution of which has been approximately determined..."(p. 314-15).

Garrison & Morton: 1121.

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