Experimenta circa res diversos naturales, speciatim illas, quæ ex Indiis adseruntur. Ex Italico Latinitate donata. (bound with) Observationes de Visperis. Scriptæ Literis ad...Laurentium Magalotti,..Ex Italica in Latina translata. (bound with) Epistola ad Aliquos Oppositiones factas in suas Observationes circa Viperas: Scripta ad Alexandrum Morum & Abbatem Bourdelot. Ex Italica in Latinam translata. (3 works).

Amsterdam, Andreæ Frisii, 1675. 12mo. Cont. hcalf. Back neathly repaired. Engraved frontisp. (2),193,(15) pp. and 12 folded engraved plates (a tear repaired on verso of one plate) + 111,(9) pp. + 72 pp. Internally fine.

3 importent works by Redi, all in first latin editions as translations of 1. Experienze intorno a diverse cose naturali...dall'Indie (1671) - 2. Osservazioni intorni alle vipere...(1664) and 3. Lettere sopra alcune opposizioni...alle vipere (1670), having his treatises with his experiments on snake-poison, making him the first experimental toxologist. "It is the first methodological work on Snak-poison. Redi demonstarted for the first time taht, for the poison to produce its effects, it must be injected under the Skin." (Garrison & Morton 2102). - In the same volume is bound: Saltsmann, J.S. Varia Observata Anatomica. Amsterdam, J. Konynenberg, 1669. Engraved title. 72 pp.

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