Recherches expérimentales sur la physiologie et la pathologie des capsules surrénales. (1.-2. Mémoirs). (Extrait par l'auteur). 2 papers.

(Paris, Mallet-Bachelier), 1856. 4to. No wrappers. In: "Comptes Rendus Hebdomadaires des Séances de L'Academie des Sciences", Tome 43, No 8 a. No. 10. Pp. (409-) 452 a. pp. (497-) 560. (Entire issues offered). Brown-Sequard's papers: pp. 422-425 a. pp. 542-546.

First appearance of a pioneering work in endocrinology, initiating the development of our knowledge of the internal secretions.

"Brown-Sequard is best known for his research on the endocrine system, the present work (the papers offered) being one of the most importent in that field. By the simple experiment of exicising the adrenal glands of animals, he proved the glands were indispensable to life. It is one of the first works to demonstrate the functions of the glands of internal secretion and is basic to the development of endocrinology."(Heirs of Hippocrates).

Garrison & Morton No. 1140. - Heirs of Hippocrates No. 986.

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