Méthode pour prévenir la rage après morsure. (Method for preventing Rabies after Bites). (+) Résultats de l'application de la méthode pour prévenir la rage aprés morsure. (+) Note complémentaire sur les résultats de l'application de la méthode de prophylaxie de la rage aprés morsure. (+) Nouvelle Communication sur la rage. (4 papers, all).

(Paris, Gauthier-Villars), 1885 a. 1886. 4to. No wrappers. In: "Comptes Rendus Hebdomadaires des Séances de L'Academie des Sciences", Tome 101 (No. 17), 102 (No. 9 + 15) a. 103. (No. 18). Titlepages to vol. 101, 102 a. 103. Pp. (765-) 848, (459-529), (835-) 886, (777-) 840. (Four entire issues offered). Pasteur's papers: pp. 765-772, 459-469, 835-838 a. 777-785.. A stamp to verso of titlepages.

First printing of these groundbreaking papers in Immunology where Pasteur describes his rabies vaccine and the results he attained with it gave further proof of the value of attenuated virus as a protective inoculum against infective diseases in man and animals. THIS IS CONSIDERED PASTEUR'S GREATEST TRIUMPH (Garrison & Morton No. 2541).

"The central problem in establishing a science of immunology was to discover methods of lowering the pathogenicity of the antigens while preserving their immunogenicity. In the case of smallpox (Jenner) this was done, according to the accepted interpretation, by utilizing strains accidentally attenuated through animal passage. In the present paper famous paper (the first paper offered), Pasteur shows how, for a disease of wide distribution among mammals, attenuation may be accomplished artificially."(Hall "A Source Book in animal Biology", pp. 528 ff.).

"Pasteur revealed the enormous medical and economic potential of experimental biology. He himself developed only one treatment directly applicable to a human disease - his treatment for rabies - but his widely publicized and highly successful efforts on behalf of the germ theory were immediately credited with saving much money and many lives. It is for this reason above all that he was recognized and honored during his lifetime and that his name remains a household word." (DSB).

Garrison & Morton No. 2541. - Parkinson "Breakthroughs" 1885 H.

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