Archimedous ta sozomena meta ton Eutokiou Askaloniton hypomnematon (Greek). Archimedis quae supersunt Omnia cum Eutocii Ascalonitae Commentariis. Ex Josephi Torelli, Veronensis, cum nova Versione Latina. Accedunt Lextiones variantes ex Codd. Mediceo et praisiensibus.

Oxford, Clarendoniano, 1792. Folio. Bound to style in a nice recent full brown morocco, gilt title on spine. Kept in a matching protective slipcase. Engraved frontispiece. Engraved title-vignette (Archimedes). (2),V,XXIX,471,(1) pp. One engraved plate. Many textdiagrams. Mild browning to upper part of title-page. Greek and Latin text. The last 20 leaves with browning in upper right corner. A few corners repaired (no loss). A few scattered brownspots, otherwise clean and fine, wide-margined.

First edition of Torelli's remarkable edition of Archimedes' Opera Omnia. "Of the many editions prior to the modern edition of Heiberg, the most important was that of Joseph Torelli (Oxford, 1792). By this time, of course, Archimedes’ works had been almost completely absorbed into European mathematics and had exerted their substantial and enduring influence on early modern science."(DSB).

Archimedes was called "the God of mathematics" by Plinius, and he is without doubt the greatest mathematician, physicist and engineer of ancient times and one of the greatest geniuses of all times. "There is no one individual whose work epitomizes the character of the Alexandrian age so well as Archimedes (287-212 B.C.), the greatest mathematician in antiquity" (Morris Kline). "He gave birth to the calculus of the infinite conceived and brought to perfection successively by Kepler, Cavalieri, Fermat, Leibnitz and Newton." (Chasles).
Lowndes I,61-62: "The most complete and magnificent edition of this authors works." - Brunet I,384.

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