Some properties of multiserver queues with appointments (+) Regression models and life-tables (+) The continuity correction (+) Recent work on the design of experiments - a bibliography and a review (+) On distribution and their transformation to normality (+) Note on some aspects of regression analysis (+) A note on the efficiency of least-squares estimates (+) A General definition of residuals (+) Some statistical concepts and their application (+) Discrimination between alternative binary response models (+) A note on the graphical analysis of multidimensional contingency tables (+) A note on the analysis of a type of reliability trial (+) Notes on the analysis of mixed frequency distribution (+) A simple example of a comparison involving quantal data (+) The use of coltrol observations as an alternative to incomplete block designs (+) Further results on tests of separate families of hypotheses (+) Some systematic supersaturated designs (+) Large sample sequential tests for composite hypotheses (+) The theory of a method of production scheduling when there are many products (+) Some models for series of events (+) Some applications of exponential ordered scores (+) An analysis of transformations (+) Some problems of statistical analysis connected with congestion (+) On the estrimation of the intensity function of a stationary point process (+) A remark on multiple comparison methods (+) Testing multivariate normality (+) Some remarks on the role in statistics of graphical methods (+) A bivariate point process connected with electronic counters (+) Foundations of statistical inference: the case for eclecticism (+) Partial likelihood (+) A note on data-splitting for the evaluation of significance levels (+) On sampling and the estimnation of rare errors (+) A note on multiple time scales in life testing (+) A note on the graphical analysis of survival data (+) Statistical analysis of time series: some recent developments (+) The role of significance tests.

[Various places and printers], 1962 - 1981. Collection of 36 offprint from various academic journals. All with wrappers (or as issued) and in fine condition. A few of them with "Cox" written to top of front wrapper. Housed in two black kasetts.

Large collection of offprints by British statistician David Cox who made pioneering and important contributions to numerous areas of statistics and applied probability, of which the best known is perhaps the proportional hazards model, which is widely used in the analysis of survival data.
An example is survival times in medical research that can be related to information about the patients such as age, diet or exposure to certain chemical substances. The Cox process was named after him.

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