A Class of Binary Signaling Alphabets.

(New York), American Telephone and Telegraph Company, 1956. 8vo. Volume XXXV (35), January, Number 1, part 2, 1935 of "The Bell System Technical Journal". In the original blue printed wrappers. Previous owner's name to front wrapper. Some discouloring and wear to spine, as well as a tear that goes in to the front wrapper, no loss. A nice and clean copy. Pp. 203-234. [Entire issue: 247 pp.].

First printing of Slepian's paper in which he used group theory to develop linear codes.

"It appears that powerful codes must inevitably be complicated, and coding theory has progressed by building codes that have an ever-increasing mathematical structure. The first main step in this direction occurred in 1960s, when Slepian used group theory to develop linear codes. [The present paper anticipates this development]. In this work he also introduced the notion of a standard array, which greatly clarified the decoding problem". (Millman, A History of Engineering & Science in the Bell System, 1984, p.53).

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