Quality Control Charts.

New York, American Telephone and Telegraph Company, 1926. Lex8vo. Volume V, October, No. 4, 1926 of "The Bell System Technical Journal". In the original printed blue wrappers. Light sunning to spine. Internally fine and clean. Pp. 593-603. [Entire issue: Pp. 529-661 + 2 folded plates + "Tables for the Article By E.T. Hoch: pp. 572a - 572c].

First appearance of Shewhart's seminal first publication on Quality control charts.
Shewhart, the father of statistical quality control, created the basis for the control chart by experiments that are now an integrated part of all statistical control.

"Shewhart successfully brought together the disciplines of statistics, engineering, and economics and became known as the father of modern quality control.
Shewhart was concerned that statistical theory serve the needs of industry. He exhibited the restlessness of one looking for a better way. A man of science who patiently developed and tested his ideas and the ideas of others, he was an astute observer of developments in the world of science and technology. In that respect, the field of quality control can claim a genuine pioneer in Shewhart." (Berger, Roger W. The Certified quality engineer handbook, 2002, P. 55).

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3. Hoch, E.T.Electrode Effects in the Measurement of Power Factor and Dielectric Constant of Sheet Insulating Materials. Pp. 555-572c.
4. Willis, F.C.; Melhuish, L.E.Load Carrying Capacity of Amplifiers. Pp. 573-592.
5. Thorndike, Frances. Applications of Poisson's Probability Summation. Pp. 604-624.
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