Sverdrup: Hypoteseprøvning. Advanced Statistical Inference. Math. Stat. G8203x-G8204y. Fall Term 1963 and Spring Term 1964. Review of Results Proved and Problems.

(No place), 1963-64.

Xerox-copies (A4) inserted in brown folder with author's inscription to top right corner of title page. (1), 7, 5, 11, 13, 7, 10, 6, (2), 10 pp. Minor corrections throughout the text. A very nice and clean manuscript.

Erling Svendrup's own copies of his teaching-papers for the Fall Term 1963 and Spring Term 1964. They give a unique insight into how Svendrup taught and how his ideas were developed.

Erling Sverdrup was a founding father of mathematical statistics and modern actuarial science in Norway. He exercised profound influence on how statistical studies were formed and executed in Norway.
The Norwegian edition of his statistics textbook Laws and chance variations had a great impact on a generation of Norwegian actuaries and statisticians, and his lecture notes in actuarial mathematics were decades ahead of contemporary textbooks. Unfortunately, these lecture notes were never translated and widely publicized.

He has made important contributions to life-insurance mathematics, survival analysis and event history analysis, where he, at an early stage, advocated the use of Markov chain models for studying disability. a number of important contributions have only appeared in lecture notes or technical reports.

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