On the Association of Attributes in Statistics: with Illustrations from the Material of the Childhood Society, &c. (Offprint from: Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series A, Vol. 194, pp.257-319).

London, The Royal Society, 1900.

Large 4to. Original printed wrappers. Some fraying to extremeties. Back wrapper loose. Vertical folding mark.

First edition, offprint issue of this important paper. "Yule's studies of the correlation of continuous variables led him, in 1900 [offered paper], to study measures of association for discrete variables, in particular the cross-ration c ('odds ration') in 2 x 2 contingency table and its transform Q=(1-c)/(1+c), now known as 'Yule's coefficient'. This led to an altercation with Pearson in which Pearson's capacity for acrimonious and illdirected criticism was displayed, in marked contrast to Yule's gentler mode of expression. Even Fisher, who as a young man had felt the sharpness of Pearson's pen, was later moved to remark 'Pearson' attacked Yule's work at one time much more violently than ever he did mine'." - Heyde: Statisticians of the Centuries, p.293.

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