Atten opbyggelige Taler.

Kbh., 1843-45.

Et nydeligt samtidigt hshirtbd. m. stregforgyldn. på ryg. Brunplettet. M. alle deltitelblade samt det fælles titelbl. (4), 52, 62, 84, 59, 70, 111 pp.

Nice contemporary half cloth with single gilt lines to spine. Fully complete with all half titles and the joint title-page.

Originaludgave. Himmelstrup 85.

First edition of Kierkegaard's important eighteen upbuilding discourses, which comprise his two, three, and four upbuilding discourses from the years 1843-45, with the joint title-page of all eighteen. The work constitutes Kierkegaard's religious works, which supplement his theological and philosophical ones.
The first upbuilding discourses were published the same year as Either-Or, and it is interesting to note that in opposition to his major philosophical works, the religious upbuilding discourses actually bear the name of the author on the title-page, - a fact that was by no means incidental. While the pseudonymous works could make one doubt the religiousness of the author, the parallelly written religious discourses stress the fact that we are dealing with an author, who was religious from the very beginning, -a fact that Kierkegaard also wished to establish himself; in his journals he clearly states that the religious discourses bear as much significance for his work as a whole as do the larger pseudonymous works, "I began with "Either-Or" and two upbuilding discourses..." he says, and explains that he intended the upbuilding, the religious, to advance, and that he wanted to show "that the writer was not an esthetic author who in the course of time grew older and for that reason became religious" (Journals, IX A 227).
The importance of the upbuilding discourses and the close relationship they have with the major works and Kierkegaard's philosophical development also becomes evident with the fact that every pseudonymous work was accompanied by a little collection of "upbuilding discourses" until "Concluding Postscript" appeared.

Himmelstrup 85.

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