Le Satire.

(Vinegia), 1538. Colophon: In Vinegia Nicolo d'Aristotile detto Zoppino M.D.XXXVIII.

Small8vo. Fine full vellum with handwritten title on back (ca. 1850). Woodcut portrait of Ariosto on title copied after the woodcut to the edition of "Orlando Furioso" from 1532, which was done after Tizian by F. de Nanto. Ff. 32 (=64 pp.). Good margins, fine and clean.

Extremely scarce early edition (first published 1532) of the Seven Satires, modeled after the Sermons (satires) of Horats by the "Divino Lodovico". - Not in Adams (the earliest edition here is from 1545 ?).

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