Onkel Toms Hytte. Oversat fra Originalen af L. Moltke. Med 48 Illustrationer (= Uncle Tom's Cabin. Translated from the Original by L. Moltke. With 48 Illustrations).

Kjøbenhavn (Copenhagen), 1853. Nice cont. black hcalf w. richly gilt back. Hinges and capitals neatly restored. Back w. signs of use. Some leaves somewhat brownspotted, and many plates evenly browned as usual. Some heavier staining to about 10 leaves and three plates. W. all 48 full-page wood-engr. plates, including the frontispiece.

First Danish edition, printed the year after the first edition (Boston, 1852), of one of the most important works in American literature, "Uncle Tom's Cabin; Or Life Among the Lowly".
Uncle Tom's Cabin was the best-selling novel of the 19th century, the only book that sold better that century was the Bible. 300.000 copies of the novel were sold within the first year of its appearance in America alone, and it was not less successful in England. The work has had an immense impact on the history of slavery in America, and no other book has done as much to influence the way slavery and African-Americans were viewed by the rest of the world. It is said that Lincoln's first words after he met Harriet Beecher Stowe were: "So this is the little lady who made this big war."
"Though she offered no practical solution to the slavery problem, Mrs. Stowe, with her scenes from "Life Among the Lowly", added the fuel of righteous anger to a fire already kindled; it was her misfortune to see it spread until it involved the whole nation in civil war." (One Hundred Influential American Books Printed before 1900, No. 61). "[...] the social impact on the United States was greater than that of any book before or since." (PMM 332).

(PMM 332 - first edition).

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