Lexicon Iuridicum: Juris Caesarei Simul, Et Canonici: Feudalis Item, Civilis, Criminalis, Theoretici, Ac Practici: & in Schola, & in Foro Usitatarum, Ac Tum ex Ipso Juris Utriusque Corpore, Tum ex Doctoribus & Glossis, Tam Veteribus, Quam Recentioribus Collectarum Vocum Penus: Simul & Locorum Communium, & Dictionarii Vicem Sustinens: Feudale Lexicon; Leges ac Magistratus Romanos, & Caetera Huic Operi Adjecta Vide in Complemento, Post Sinem Operis Ipsius..... Editio Secunda, priore Auctior et longe limatior... Dionysii Gothofredi, & hermanni Wulteii.

(Franckfurt), Claudii marnii haeredum, Ioannis & Andrae marnii, & Consortum, 1610 Folio. Contemp. full vellum. Spine and covers with some brownspots. Name cut from titlepage, no loss of letters. (6) Ff, 2096,170 Columns. A few scatered brownspots. Internally clean.

Second edition of Kahl's Law Dictionnary, put on the "Index" of prohibited books.
"His Kahl) best known work is Lexicon iuridicum, appearing for the first time in 1600 (Frankfurt). The text combines original work with compilations drawn from the writings of earlier lexicographers and scholars and substantial annotations. The Lexicon proved to be both serviceable and influential - John Cowell credited Kahl’s text with his inspiration to undertake his own law dictionary (Interpreter, 1607).
Because Kahl was a Protestant, this text ended up on the famous Index prohibitorum in 1659. In spite of this prohibition, at least 14 editions were printed between 1600 and 1673, six of them after the initial decree".(Law Dictionary Collection - University of Texas at Austin).

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