(LINDNER, F.W. von & C. MÜLLER (HRSG.)).

Archiv für Natur, Kunst, Wissenschaft und Leben. 1.-3. Bd. (36 Lieferungen).

Braunschweig & Leipzig, Oehme & Müller, (1833), 1834, 1835. 4to. Bound in a beautiful contemp. full cloth, richly gilt spine and covers. The decoration of gilded stamps have a gilded crown, both on spine and on covers. Edges patterned in gold. 3 lithographed titlepages. (1),96;(1),96;(1),96 pp. and 24 + 22 + 23 fine lithographed plates, among these a large folded lithographed view of St. Petersburg (26,5x42 cm.). Textleaves with scattered brownspots. Plates fine.

Order-nr.: 45400

DKK 2.500,00