Recherches analytiques sur l'Acide cyanique

(Paris, Crochard, 1824). 8vo. Without wrappers. Extracted from 'Annales de Chimie et de Physique', Series 2 - Volume 27. Titlepage to vol. 27 and pp. 196-200. Some faint brownspots.

First appearance of an importent historical paper in chemistry.

"Wöhler's analysis of cyanates appeared in 1824, (the paper offered), shortly after Liebig's analysis of fulminates. Gay-Lussac, then editor of the 'Annales de Chimie', noted that the analysis of cyanic and fulminic acid were identical - the first case of isomerism. This incident brought Wöhler and Liebig together, and there followed many years of collaboration in which the two studied the chemistry of benzaldehyde and numerous other compounds."(Klickstein "A Source in Chemistry..", p. 309.

Parkinson "Breakthroughs", 1823 C.

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