Memoire sur les Volumes atomiques, et sur leur relation avec le rang que les corps occupent dans la série électro-chimique. Extrait par l'auteur.

(Paris, Fortin, Masson et Cie, 1845). Without wrappers. In: "Annales de Chimie et de Physique", 3. Series - Tome 14, Cahier Juillet 1845. Pp. 257-384 a. 1 folded engraved plate. (Entire July-issue offered). Avogadro's paper: pp. 330-368.

First French version of this importent paper which was published, in full in Italian the year after (1846) in "Memoria della Reale Acad. della Scienze" vol. 8 (1846). He proves here forthe first time, that atomic volume is greater for the more electropositive elements.

"Toward the end of his life Avogadro devoted a total of four memoirs to the subject of atomic volumes. In the first (1843) he pointed out the connection with his classic memoir of 1811 - the mean distance between the molecules of all gases is the same under the same conditions of temperature and pressure. In 1824 he had read to the Turin Academy a memoir in which he had pointed out that the atomic volumes (i.e., the volume occupied by the molecule together with its surrounding caloric) of all substances in the liquid or solid state would be the same if it were not for certain factors and in particular the different affinities of bodies for caloric. But the latter factor was directly related to the electronegativity of the element. Comparing the densities of the elements with their atomic weights, he now concluded that the distances between the molecules of solids and liquids, and consequently their volumes, were greater, and hence their densities compared with their atomic weights were less as the body became more electropositive. Alternatively expressed, the atomic volume (atomic weight/density) is greater for the more electropositive elements, and this is now accepted."(DSB).

The issue contains also R. Piria "Recherches sur la Salicine", pp. 257-301.

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