Sur la décomposition et la recomposition de l'acide boracique.

Paris, Chez Mad. Ve. Bernard, 1808 Contemp. hcalf., gilt spine. Some scratches to binding.. Verso of titlepage and plates with small stamps.In: "Annales de Chimie" Vol. 68. - 358 pp. a. 3 engraved plates. (The entire volume offered). Gay-Lussac's a. Thenard's paper: pp. 169-174.

First announcement of the results that they had obtaines by treating boric acid with potassium, showing that acid is composed of a combustible substance and oxygen.
"Before regarding their proof (of the existance of a new element) as complete Gay-Lussac and Thenard wished not only to decomposed boric acid, but to recompose it. On November 30 of the same year they were able to state in the 'Annales de Chemie et de Physique" (the paper offered) that "the composition of boracid s no longer problematical. In fact, said they, "we decompose and we recompose this acid at will" (Weeks "Discovery of the Elements", p. 160). - Parkinson "Breakthroughs", 1808 C. - Bunch, 1808.

The volume contains other importent paper, Davy's famous paper on electrolysis in first French translations, Gayton-Morveau"Description d'un hygrometre pour le gaz...", d¨'Arcet "Observations sur la potasse et sur la soude préparées à l'alcool" etc.

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