On the Spectra of some of the Chemical Elements. Received November 5, - Read December 10, 1863.

(London, Taylor and Francis, 1864). 4to. No wrappers as extracted from "Philosophical Transactions" Vol. 154 - Part II, pp. 139-160 and 2 large folded engraved plates.

First appearance of Huggin's series of spectra done with his new spectroscope made of six prism of heavy glass as a preliminary investigation to the work with the spectroscopy of the stars with the star-spectroscope, as it was necessary to have convenient maps of the spectra of terrestrial elements. Huggins devoted a large part of 1863 to the making of 24 such maps with a train of six prismes. These maps were published in the paper offered.

"William Huggins (1824-1910), English astronomer, a pioneer in spectroscopy and photography. He examined spectroscopically the chemical constitution of stars and comets, and the gaseous nature of planetary and diffuse nebulae; he applied the Doppler Principle to the measurement of the radial velocities of stars, and published an atlas of representative stellar spectra" (Ripley: Source Book in Astronomy).

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