Original handwritten and signed postcard for "Lieber Puzl" (i.e. Puzl Born, Max Born's grandson), poststamped and postmarked, and with address in Max Born's hand.

Dated "14.2.29" (poststamped "15.02.29"). Postcard depicting Hohenluftort Königsfeld, 763 m ü. M. bad Schwarzwald, with 12 handwritten lines on the verso as well as the address, all in Max Born's hand and signed "Max Born".

This lovely postcard written by Max Born at the height of his career, for his grandson, is in German and reads thus: "Lieber Puzl,/ Ich gratuliere Dir sehr herzlich/ zum Geburtstag und hoffe, dass/ Du recht viel geschenke kriegst./ Grüss Deine Eltern Gustav und/ Gritli, auch alle andern Bärrchen/ und deine Geburtstagsgäste./ Dein Opapa/ Max Born./ Sage Omama Hedi, sie soll mich/ mal gelegentlich hier telephonisch/ ausrufen. Die Nummer ist:/ Königsfeld Nr. 75." (I.e. Dier Puzl, I congratulate you on your birthday and and hope that you will recieve a lot of presents. Greetings to your parents Gustav and Gritli, and also to all other little bears and to your birthdayguests. Your grandfater Max Born. Tell grandma' Hedi that at some point she should call me by telephone. The number is: Königsfeld 75).

This is a warm, lovely, peronal card from the pioneer of quantum mechanics, written at a crucial time in his career.

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