Olivier. Poëme. Paris, Lemerre, 1876.

Bound uncut in a private green fullclothbinding with a large stain on front-cover and some minor water-foxing on the bottom of both covers. Internally some brown spots.

First edition with a dedication from the author: "A moy Ami Emile Rochard,/ de tout coeurs,/ Francois Coppee." And with two original, autographed handwritten letters both for "Cher Ami." The first one is dated "Mercredi", 1 page 12mo. The letter is about some friends of the author, among other things he asks if the receiver of the letter can find "une petite loge" for one of his friends. The other letter is dated "11 Juillet.", 1 page 8vo. It seems that the receiver of the letter is by the theatre and Coppee recoments him "l'auteur d'un drame" called M. Louis Dumid(?)...

Order-nr.: 16883

DKK 1.800,00