Experiments for investigating the Cause of the coloured concentric Rings, discovered by Sir Isaac Newton. Read February 5, 1807. (+) Continuation of Experiments for investigating the Cause of coloured concentricRings, and other Appearances of a similar Nature. Read March 23, 1809. (2 papers).

(London, W. Bulmer and Co., 1807 a. 1809). 4to. No wrappers as extracted from "Philosophical Transactions" 1807 - Part I. Pp. 180-233 a. 1 engraved plate., pp. 259-302 a. 3 large folded engraved plates.

First appearance of the 2 first papers in which Herschel tried to establish his own theory of light.

"In a less happy venture into the physics of light, Herschel devoted three papers (1807-1810)- the two first offred here - to investigating the cause of colored concentric rings ("Newton's rings"). Ignoring the explanation already given by Thomas Young wherby the rings result from interference between light waves, Herschel ceriticized Newton' theory and attempted one of his own. he brought down on his head a storm of criticism, and this may have been a cause of his poor health at this period."(DSB VI, p.333).

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