Astronomical Observations relating to the Construction of the Heavens, arranged for the Purpose of a critical Examination, the Result of which appears to throw some new Light upon the Organization of the celestial Bodies. Read June 20, 1811. (+)Astronomical Observations relating to the siderial part of the Heavens, and its Connection with the nebulous part; arranged for the purpose of a critical Examination. Read February 24, 1814. (2 Papers).

(London, W. Bulmer and Co., 1811 a.1814). 4to. No wrappers as extracted from "Philosophical Transactions" Year 1811-Part II. 269-336 and 2 engraved plates showing the shapes of 42 nebulae and star-clusters. And 1814 - Part I. Pp. 248-84 a. 1 engraved plate. Both fine and clean.

First appearance of two milestone papers in cosmology in which Herschel demonstrates the irregular distribution of the stars in space, and "for the first time recognized that the clusters in and near the Milky Way really belonged to it, and were not independent systems that happened to lie in the same direction as seen by us."(Berry, Short History of Astronomy, p. 340).

"In 1811 and 1814 (the papers offered) he published a complete theory of a possible process wherby the shining fluid consisting a diffused nebula might gradually condense - the denser portions of it being centres of attraction - first into a denser nebula or compressed star cluster, then into one or more nebulous stars, lastly into a single star or group of stars. Every supposed stage in this process was abundantly illustrated from records of actual nebulae and clusters which he had observed."(Berry).

"Illustrated with many examples at every stage, these papers (1811 a. 1814) showed brilliantly how dynamic changes can be inferred from virtually static evidence; and Herschel concluded by characterizing the Milky Way in its present stage of dissolution as "this mysterious chronometer". (DSB VI, p. 333).

A paper by Henry Kater attached: "Further Experiments on the Light of the Cassegrainian telescope compared with that of the Georgian". 1814. Pp. 231-247.

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