Arboretum Scandinavicum. Afbildninger af de i Danmark, Norge og Sverige vildtvoxende Træer og Buske, fremstillede efter Tavlerne i "Flora Danica" ved Joh. Lange.

Kjøbenhavn, Carl Lunds Bogtrykkeri, 1883. Folio. 39x27 cm. Contemp. hcalf. Richly gilt back and gilt borders on covers. Light wear to corners and a few scratches to binding. Titlepage. 5,(1) pp. (Index , Corrections and Addenda). With 171(of 175 ) Flora Danica-plates of Scandinavian trees and bushes. All plates engraved and in fine handcolouring, plates in near mint condition.

Scarce re-issue of Flora Danica in exquisite handcolouring, restricted to its trees and bushes. In this work, the last editor of Flora Danica, Joh. Lange selected all the original copper-plates which depicted trees and bushes from the whole work - in fact 9 of the earliest plates were damaged by fire, and as such not useable for a print to be taken - and made this re-issue, done with the original copper-plates as a separate issue of Flora Danica. Under his auspices all the prints were carefully hand-coloured with greatest care and often surpassing the original colouring. The paper used for the re-issue is of the same quality used for the last volumes of the original issue of Flora Danica of which the last volume, vol. 17, came out the same year as this extract, 1883. - Carl Christensen II, p.257 (No 119) - Nissen BBI: 1133 - Not in BMC (NH).

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