Der Kampf als inerres Erlebnis.

Berlin, Müller & Sohn, 1922. 8vo. Orig. cardboardbdg. Printed in orange on front board and yellow on spine. Spine darkened, bdg. w. a bit of soiling and small spots. (8), 116 pp.

The rare first edition of Jünger's second published work.

In 1920 Jünger had published his WWI-diaries "In Stahlgewittern". Together with a few other early works, the two first publications make up his account of WWI. The second publication is much more reflected and systematically written than the first.

Ernst Jünger (1895-1998) was a famous German writer and philosopher. He is by many regarded as one of the greatest modern German writers as well as somewhat of a hero of the conservative revolutionary movement following WWI; - besides his important contributions to philosophy, he is mainly famous for the accounts of his experiences during the two world wars.

Jünger distinguished himself greatly during WWI; he was wounded several times, and was honoured with the highest military order, the medal of bravery, Pour le Mérite.

With the ownership-signature of Heinrich von Einsiedel.

Heinrich Graf von Einsiedel (1921-2007) was a member of the German "Bundestage", and he was elected into the "Partei des Demokratischen Sozialismus" in Sachsen. Before that he was a member of the "Sozialdemokratisches Partei Deutschlands" (1957-1992). He was a member of an anti-fascistic group and a founding member of the "Nationalkomitee Freies Deutschland". During WWII he was in Soviet imprisonment, and when he was released in 1947, he became a journalist.

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