Description of the Cavern of Bruniquel, and its Organic remains. Part I-II. (I. Human Remains. Read June 9, 1864. - II. Equine Remains. Read January 7, 1869). 2 Papers.

(London, Taylor and Sons, 1870). 4to. No wrappers as extracted from "Philosophical Transactions" 1869, Vol. 159 - Part II. Pp. 517-533 a. pp. 535-557 and 4 lithographed plates (3 double- page and folding), textillustr.

The famous Cavern of Bruniquel, explored by the Vicomte de Lastic in 1863-64, and described by Owen here in the paper offered, is also one of the class which has furnished human bones, along with the remains of the extinct mammalia. Bruniquel is a cliff in the jurassic limestone, opposite the little village of bruniquel (Tarn and Garonne), about forty feet above the level of the river Aveyron.

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