De Luce hominum & brutorum libri III. Novis rationibus, & raris historiis secundum illustrati. (+ Gesner) De Raris & admirandis herbis, qvæ, sive qvod noctu luceant, sive alias ob causas, LUNARIAE nominantur, & obiter de aliis etiam rebus, qvae in tenebris lucent, Commentariolus. Editione hac secunda emendatior. Cum Iconibus qvibusdam Herbarum novis.

Hafniae (Copenhagen), Gociche, 1669. (Both works). Small 8vo. Bound in one contemp. full vellum. Contemp. handwritten titles on spine. First title-page printed in red/black. (24),531,(45) pp. + Gesner: (2),82,(20) pp. and 5 large textillustr (plants). Internally clean.

Bartholin's work is the second edition (the first 1647) of the most outstanding work on luminescence of the seventeenth century, being the "second special treatise on the subject, and one from which many later writers copied... for it describes every luminescent phenomena known at that time whether real or imagined, organic or inorganic." (Harvey "A History of Luminiscence from the earliest times until 1900".

Gesner's work which is here bound together with Bartholin's work (as it should be - the halftitle-page mentions both works), is also the second edition (first published 1555). It is "the first comprehensive review on light emitting plants (including fungi and also animals)... To Gesner belongs the honor of preparing the first book wholly devoted to luminiscence..." (Harvey).

The intensive investigations in luminescence and phosphorescence in the 19th century eventually lead the way to the discovery of radioactivit by Becquerel in 1896.

Gosch I: T. Bartholin, No 4.

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