On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of favoured Races in the Struggle for Life. Fifth Thousand.

London, John Murray, 1860.

Orig. full blindtooled green cloth, back gilt. Front endpapers slightly splitting, a contemporary library sticker pasted on upper frontcover. Corners slightly bumped, edges very slightly rubbed, otherwise a good copy. IX (including halftitle),502 pp. + Advertisements: 32 pp. and 1 folded lithographed diagram. A few brownspots to the first leaves and to the last leaves of the advertisements. Otherwise clean and fine and uncut.

Second edition (second issue - the first issue only known in a few copies) - of one of the most influential works ever written, introducing THE DARWINIAN REVOLUTION.
"The philosopher John Passmore (1983) recently pointed out that only one intellectual revolution - the one brought about by Darwin - has been dignified by the suffix -ism. Hence we have Darwinism, but not Newtonianism, Maxwelllism, Planckism, Einsteinism, or Heisenbergism. This exceptional status is justified, for it would be difficult to refute the claim that the Darwinian revolution was the greatest of all intellectual revolutions in the history of mankind. Its importence lies in the fact that Darwin caused the overthrow of some of the basic beliefs of his age. Furthermore, and this is only now fully realized, Darwin established the basis for entirely new approaches in philosophy." (Ernst Mayr in "Towards a New Philosophy of Biology. Cambridge, 1988" p. 162).
Of this second edition 3000 copies were printed. "The new edition is only a reprint, yet I have made a few importent corrections." (Darwin in a letter).

Freeman No 376 with "Fifth Thousand" on titlepage - binding: variant a.
Dibner No 199.
Horblit No 23b (1. edition)
Sparrow No 49 (1. edition).
Printinig and the Mind of Man: 344 b.

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