1. Fairy Tales and Stories. Translated by Dr. H.W. Dulcken. With Sixty Illustrations by A. W. Bates. Ca. 1890. + 2. The Little Marmaid and Other Stories. Translated by R. Nisbet Bain. Illustrated by J. R. Weguelin. 1893. + 3. Fairy Tales. A New Translation by Mrs. H. B. Paull. With Original Illustrations. Ca. 1897.+ 4. Stories and Tales. Translated by H.W. Dulcken. With One Hundred Illustrations by A. W. Bayes, Engreved by the Brothers Dalziel. Ca. 1900. + 5. Fairy Tales and Stories. Translated by Dr. H.W. Dulcken. W. Sixty Illustrations by A.W. Bayes. 1903. + 6. The Marsh King's Daughter. And Other Stories. Translated by H.W. Dulcken. Illustrated with Eighteen Pictres. Ca. 1905. + 7. Fairy Tales and Stories. Illustrated by H. M. Brock. 1905 + 8. Fairy Tales. With Illustrations by Helen Stratton. Ca. 1908. + 9. Fairy Stories. Wirh 48 Coloured Plates by Margaret W. Tarrant. Second Edition. Ca. 1910. + 10. Fairy Tales. With Introduction by Edward Clodd. Illustrations by Gordon Browne. (Third edition, 1910) + 11. Fairy Tales and Other Stories. Revised and in Part Newly Translated by W.A. & J.K. Craigie. With Fifty-Six Illustrations. Oxford Edition. 1914. + 12. Tales for the Young. A New Translation by Mrs. H. B. Paull. With Original Illustrations. Ca. 1918. + 13. Fairy Tales. Illustrated by Monro S. Orr. (Reprinted 1930, first published 1925) + 14. It's Perfectly True! And Other Stories. Translated from the Danish by Paul Leyssac. With the Original Illustrations by Vilhelm Pedersen. 1937.

All printed in London, (ca. 1890) - 1937. 1: 8vo. Beautiful and charming orig. decorated full cloth in blue a. green w. gilt title to back and front board. Illustrated w. flowers, plants and fairies. A bit of wear to capitals, otherwise fine and clean. 2: 4to. Orig. decorated green full cloth w. red and gold illustrations to front board and gilt back. Occational brownspotting, and first half w. marginal waterdamage. 3: 8vo. Beautiful and charming decorated orig. full green cloth. Front board and back richly decorated w. gilt title and gilt illustrations of a frog, fairies, flowers, an angel etc. Very nice and clean w. only a bit of wear to capitals. 4: 8vo. Original reddish-brown decorated full cloth w. gilt and black decorations to front board, gilt leather title-label and gilt decoration to back. Capitals somewhat worn, otherwise a nice and clean copy. 5: 8vo. Beautiful orig. decorated blue full cloth in typical art nouveau-style w. a large white illustration of the little mermaid on front board. Gilt title to back and front board. A bit of wear to capitals, otherwise a nice and clean copy. 6: Small 8vo. Orig. decorated full brown cloth, richly decorated w. back blindstamped flower-ornamentation to both boards and to back. Gilt title to back, a picture of a little girl to front board. A bit of wear to capitals, else fine. 7: 8vo. Orig. red full cloth w. gilt back, gilt title to front board. A bit of wear to capitals and inner hinges. 8: 8vo. Orig. decorated full blue cloth w. black illustrations of swans to front board and gilt tilte and illustration to back. Some wear to capitals and hinges. Internally fine and clean. 9: 8vo. Orig. decorated full green cloth w. gilt titel to front board and back. Front board w. large illustration of the Snow Queen. A bit of wear to extremities. 10: 8vo. Orig. decorated full cloth w. pixies and a young girl on front board and a stork and child on back. Capitals somewhat worn. Internally fine. 11: 8vo. Orig. full green cloth w. some wear to capitals. Internally nice and clean. 12: 8vo. Orig. decorated full blue cloth w. blindstamped black ornamentations. Gilt title to back. Large illustration of a young prince (?) to front board. Nice and clean. 13: Original richly decorated full cloth w. a goblin in the woods on front board and the hardy tin soldier on back. Internallu occational brownspotting, otherwise a fine copy. 14: 8vo. Orig. full red cloth w. gilt illustration to front board and gilt title to back. Nice and clean.

An interesting and charming collection of 14 different illustrated editions of Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales in English translation. Containing translations by several of the most famous Andersen-translators as well as many of the most famous and well-known illustrations. The variety in the original bindings, most of which are decorated, and the many different illustrations contained in this collected set presents us with an excellent opportunity of discovering the development of the understanding and effect of the reading of Andersen's classic fairy tales from the late 19th century through the first decades of the 20th century, after which the English Andersen-translations changed drastically in character.

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