Temporal/ Des weitberhümpten M. Johan Künigspergers/ natürlicher kunst der Astronomey kurtzer begriff/ von naturlichem einfluss der Gestirn/ Planeten/ und Zeichen etc. Von den vier Complexionen/ Natur und eigenschafft der Menschen/ regiment durchs Jaruber/ mit essen/ schlaffen/ Baden/ Purgieren/ Aderlassen etc. Auffs ordentlichst zugericht.

(Franckfurdt am Mayn (= Frankfurt am Main), durch Weygand Han/ in der Schnurgassen/ zum Krug (on colophon), [ca. 1550]). Small 4to (18 x 13,5 cm.). Full vellum bdg. made from a manuscript leaf, written in red and black ink, w. red (1- and 2-line) and one blue (2-line) initial, two columns (ca. 1450). Lacking about 1/3 of f. B1, affecting a schedule, small lower part of a woodcut of Saturn and probably about 8 lines of text; also lacking lower corner of D4, not affecting text or illustr. T-p. soiled and professionally repaired at outer left margin, not affecting text or illustr.; overall some soiling and brownspotting. A few small marginal wormholes. T-p. printed in red and black and w. large woodcut illustr. of the four elements, months, starsigns etc. incoorprated into a system, 7 woodcut-illustr. of the planets humanized, 12 woodcut illustr. of the starsigns, 3 woodcut illustr. figures of systems, 11 woodcut illustr. of sceneries belonging to the different months, one woodcut illustr. of a naked man showing which parts of his body are affected by which starsigns. A few woodcut vignettes. (37) ff.

The first edition (see Adams K:88) of this rare work was printed in Strasbourg in 1528 and is very scarce, as are all the early editions. The book contains astronomical readings and tells how to behave regarding every-day exercises such as eating, bathing, sleeping etc. It also gives medical advise. The many woodcuts are ascribed to Hans Brosame. Regiomontanus (1436 - 76) is the Latinized version of the German Königberger or Künigsperger; the work is stated to be by him, but is probably not.

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